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Yule Always Be My Friend Bookmark


There is little to rival the joy of a good book… it’s one of life’s little pleasures. Brighten up someone’s day with one of these beautiful bookmark designs. Waterproof and measuring 19cm x 5cm. Why not send with one of the gorgeous Greeting Cards which each have a lovely poem by the Artist on the reverse.

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Yule Always be my Friend

Cranberry and Sprout looked up as the back door slammed with her mood
Sofie came over to her bunnies’ hutch and started to sniffle and sob
“Christmas just won’t be the same”, she grumbled as she gave them both some tasty food
“Mum did the big food shop and forgot my favourite Chocolate Yule Log”!
Sofie looked so fed up the bunnies looked at each other in despair
“Are you up for an adventure? We can’t have her upset” declared Sprout
“Absolutely, lets sort this out” chuckled Cranberry, “I feel mischief in the air!”
Nudging the wire front off their cage they both set off towards the house
Inside it was in chaos, wrapping paper and presents all over the floor
The television was blaring and the scent of roast chicken filled the air
“This way to the office” whispered Sprout, running along the carpet to a brown door
“There’s the magic board” Cried Sprout,” now we just have to find a way up there”
They scrambled up the back of the swinging chair and onto the table
Cranberry jumped on the clickety keypad and the screen lit up with a start
“Get on the little mouse Sprout and stop chewing that cable!”
“I’ve seen them do this before, you just have to put things into your cart”
As Sprout clicked with his feet and Cranberry bounced around the keys
Navigating Tesco online was a bit easier than they initially thought
In no time at all their shopping was ordered leaving them both feeling pleased
Sprout was smiling to himself at the extra item he had secretly bought
On Christmas morning Sofie brought them delicious fresh strawberries smiling with glee
We just had a delivery of these and a Chocolate Yule Log so I got to have it in the end
Sprout winked at Cranberry, “I thought I’d add a little extra just for you and me”
“Good thinking Sprout”, laughed Cranberry, “that’s why Yule always be my friend”


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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