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Winter Wishes Coaster


Each coaster measures 11cm x 9cm and is heat vinyl coated with a cork back. Proudly designed and printed in Britain, these coasters are the very finest quality.

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Winter Wishes

One crisp winter morning the farmers’ wife is crossing the cobbled yard
Her flock of Valais Blacknose run to greet her with such happy regard
An intelligent breed with beautiful fluffy wool and a cute little black nose
She signals to them to line up and they happily form neat little rows
“Now”, she beams “I’ve knitted you all a little hat each to keep you cosy”
Calling each in turn, she now found a yellow one, “here you are Rosy”
With only two left she pulled out a green and a red hat, “come here you two”
Fudge rudely pushed past his brother and got their first in the queue
Claiming his jolly red hat Fudge beamed at Biscuit who didn’t feel that was fair
“There you are Biscuit, you get the green one”, but his nostrils angrily flared
He ran off into the early morning mist, upset he was always the last
He ran a long time until the wind whipped around him and a heavy fog fell fast
The storm grew so strong it blew his hat off and he struggled to see the farm
The farmer’s wife called to all the sheep together and sounded the alarm
“Go find Biscuit” she cried, and off they all ran as she shook her hands in despair
They searched all around and the farmer flashed his torch but he wasn’t there
Fudge ran hard on his strong little legs, feeling guilty at being so mean
Biscuit was all alone in the cold, but wait, was a that a red flash he had seen?
Suddenly they were together, the red hat a beacon in the blizzard of white
Nuzzling each other Biscuit said he was sorry for giving them all such a fright
“it’s a good thing you had the red hat” Biscuit admitted “or I wouldn’t have seen you”
“Let’s go home, little brother,” said Fudge, “you need to warm up so you do”
That night Biscuit knew that the love of his family was worth more than any riches
All huddled in their beds, with coloured hats, blowing bedtime kisses and winter wishes


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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