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Winter Walkies Paw Prints Greeting Card


Celebrating our love of dogs and cats, this new collection features the first of a growing collection of fur babies. Each card features a charming animal story printed on the reverse written by the artist. Each card is left blank inside for your own message and measures 150 x 150mm. Provided with a recycled envelope.

Winter Walkies

On a frosty morning Jack woke up promptly at the usual time
Just before the clocks would have a chance to chime
He stretched his legs one by one, then jumped up on the bed
“Yap Yap” he cried jumping madly about his humans’ head
“Argh” came the annoyed muffled reply from under the covers
Jack happily jumped down and fetched the man’s slippers
As the pyjama legs swung into view Jack was leaping on the spot
The morning routine had begun so the more excited he got
Barking all his way to the kitchen he nudged at his bowl
Until it was filled with breakfast which he gobbled almost whole
He went racing off down the hallway barking with all his might
Ripping the paper through the letterbox giving the postman the usual fright
The man barely sipped his cup of tea when Jack reappeared
A lead dangling from his mouth sending the message quite clear
“Alright lad” he said, pulling on his coat and heading for the door
Jack ran round him in circles barking and skidding along the floor
For this is the best time of day as any dog owner will surely know
Its time for walkies and the hunt begins for a special stick to throw
And when they return happily, worn out, with cheeks that are numb and red
A contended Jack will wipe his paws, have a biscuit then settle for a nap in his bed.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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