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Wiggles and Whiskers Greeting Card


These luxury cards are printed from original watercolour paintings by Sarah Reilly.
Each design has a lovely story written by the Artist on the reverse of each card, making them extra special.
Scroll down this page to read the poem!
Proudly printed in England, on sustainable quality board.
Card left blank inside for your own message, measuring 14.8 x 14.8cm. Envelope included.

Wiggles & Whiskers

Wiggles is a bit bonkers, such an energetic little guinea pig
“Chut Chut” is his happy noise as he looks for a new place to dig
He scampers about all day noisily “week week week”
Always looking for something new and tasty to eat
His owner was a little worried that he never slowed down
So, one day she had an idea and popped to the local town
When she returned with a big box, she felt a little apprehension
Wiggles ran over to her inquisitively, she certainly had his attention
Suddenly the box moved and out popped two long ears of fluff
“Weeeek” squealed Wiggles excitedly, when sure enough
Out hopped a beautiful bunny with giant white paws
She leaped in the air flicking her tail and landed on all fours
She twitched her whiskers and Wiggles fell in love at first sight,
He offered her a strawberry which she munched with delight
He purred with contentment as he snuggled her tenderly
She smiled at this sweet little pig, who was calmed by her energy
So attentive to his long-eared beauty Wiggles could want for no more
Whiskers smiled at his crazy antics, but she couldn’t help but adore
Wiggles and Whiskers are now such an inseparable pair,
wherever Whiskers went, there is Wiggles with forget-me-nots in his hair


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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