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Waiting for the Turkey Paw Prints Greeting Card


Celebrating our love of dogs and cats, this new collection features the first of a growing collection of fur babies. Each card features a charming animal story printed on the reverse written by the artist. Each card is left blank inside for your own message and measures 150 x 150mm. Provided with a recycled envelope.

Waiting for Turkey

Bella yawns for she has seen her fair share of Christmas days
At the grand old age of 14 she’s rather settled in her old ways
The love she feels has never dwindled in the passing of the years
Her family smother her with cuddles and love the sweet dears
The kitchen floor is worn in the patch that she likes to settle herself
Snoozing with one eye open always watching the biscuit tin shelf
A pair of reindeer slippers move around her with practiced ease
She never has to move for they are only too keen to please
Sleepily she watches the glow of the oven with the festive bird inside
Delicious aromas fill her nose and her brown eyes grow wide
Her favourite bowl is coming out so it’s almost time for the treat
A bowl full of Christmas Day turkey succulent and tender meat
Most of her teeth are gone but she will manage all the same
Bending down her head is kissed and they softly say her name
After dinner she stiffly moves into the living room to get comfy by the fire
It’s time for a Christmas day sleep as the radio faintly plays a choir
Puppies are always great fun and make for a lively fun household
But it’s the grey haired and senior loved ones that are worth more than gold


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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