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To a Special Couple Occasion Card (Owain and Gwen)


Our Occasions range offers a card for all those important birthdays, anniversary’s and for when you just want to let someone know you care. Beautifully illustrated by watercolour artist Sarah Reilly, these are sure to bring a smile to their face, especially when they see the adorable stories written on the back of the card! Our art tells a story..adding that extra special touch of endearment.

Owain & Gwen

There is little to rival the wilds of the welsh mountain range they say
From its craggy heights down through the softer peaks and winding pathways
Way up in the harsh highest peaks the hardy sheep huddle and keep warm
Thunder rumbles through the darkening sky, here comes a heavy rainstorm

“Come on” yells the shepherd gathering his herd down towards the tracks
Clattering of hooves on the stones as they run ahead avoiding all the cracks
As they are halfway down a thick silvery fog hangs heavily in the air
Owain struggles to see his friend and worry soon turns to fear, as she’s not there

Clambering back up the tracks Owain can’t see and soon finds himself all alone
Pointing his ears forwards he bleats for Gwen, where up here would she roam?
As an intelligent breed with sensitive ears, he suddenly hears a faint sound
Pressing ahead he finds her nearby, with her foot stuck in a rocky mound

Through the hammering rain he nudges her foot free with tenderness and care
Rubbing each other’s noses in relief they are a loyal and affectionate pair
Happily sheltering under an oak tree the wise branches protecting overhead
This is their way of life; they are proud welsh mountain sheep born and bred.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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