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The Last Mince Pie Bauble Card


These charming Christmas Bauble Cards feature original watercolour designs by Sarah Reilly. Each card has a wooden bauble attached with ribbon that can be detached and hung on your Christmas tree! This decoration can be enjoyed for years to come and they can even frame the card too as a little work of art.

As with all Love Country cards, a heart warming festive story is printed on the reverse, written by the artist, giving them that special something that the recipient will love.

Each card is printed on quality textured board measuring 150mm x 150mm supplied with recycled envelope and cello bag. The bauble is secured with a soft glue dot which is easy to detach and does not mark the card.
Proudly made in England.

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm

The last Mince Pie

Happily dozing in her big comfy bed, Dottie heard the keys jingle in the front door
Excitedly she pads down the hallway to greet her human as shopping bags drop to the floor
“DOTTIE!” comes the usual welcome, “come here sweetheart. Look what I have just for you.”
Sniffing excitedly, she hopes for a treat, so she sits on her bottom and waits for a chew
As a pair of red antlers came out of the shopping bag Dottie isn’t sure how she feels about this.
She is ushered over to the table into position and her wet nose gets a kiss
From her humans’ squeals of pleasure, she guessed it was best to follow along
A cake tin is removed from the cupboard amidst happy humming of a Christmas song
Dottie wags her tail as a mince pie is placed in front of her and she is told to wait
She barely notices as the ridiculous antlers are placed on her head
Flash, Flash goes the camera “look at Mummy! Yes, that’s right there now HOLD”
I can smell the pastry. Mmm thinks Dottie “NO, you licked your lips, stop moving!” she is told
Fidgeting, how many more is she going to take? Dottie’s bum starts to slide off the chair
I’m seeing stars from the flash..”that’s it! Now hold it right THERE”
FLASH! “Wait” she says, “wait, hold it, ah that one’s blurred” as Dottie starts to drool
“Hang on the antlers slipped”, help me thinks Dottie I can’t last much longer on this stool
As the aroma of spices tickle her senses Dottie leans a little closer
“Ah you blinked. Just one more. That’s it you’re mummies perfect little poser!”
Dottie doesn’t think she can sit still much longer, her paws are slipping
that’s the last mince pie, perfectly dusted with icing, her tongue starts dripping
The kids will come in any moment. What if they took her well-earned prize?
Dottie made her mind up and suddenly dived across the table for her prize
Her mouth full of crumbly pleasure animal instincts, after all, teach you to survive
Leaving cries behind her she ran down the hall and jumped back into her comfy bed
I love Christmas, thought Dottie, the festive pair of antlers still half dangling from her head

All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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