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The Hare and The Robin Coaster


Each coaster measures 11cm x 9cm and is heat vinyl coated with a cork back. Proudly designed and printed in Britain, these coasters are the very finest quality.

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The Hare and the Robin

Brown Hare was out searching for some tasty winter grass
As is snowed, overhead hundreds of birds fluttered past
He watched them with joy from the field where he sat
Then spotted a distressed bird darting this way and that
My Dear little bird please tell me what is the matter?
“I cant find a coat!” He cried through his chit and his chatter
For it is time to flock to the thrush family ball
Where all Robins and Blackbirds and Nightingales call
They all have smart red coats but I cannot find mine
So upset was the bird in his eyes bright tears shined
With a smile Hare said gently it’s because you are young
Once you are bigger you will grow the finest red one!
For you my dear friend are a Robin don’t you see?
A sure sign of winter like the snow of the trees
You will drop your first feathers and this I can vow
Then grow a splendid red chest of which to be proud!
With relief Robin knew he really did belong
And flew off to his family with his heart full of song

All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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