The Goose & The Star Tea Towel


Add some country style to your kitchen with this beautiful range of Tea Towels from the watercolour designs of Sarah Reilly
Proudly made in England from the highest quality 100% cotton.
Machine Washable which we recommend at 40 degrees or lower.

The Goose and the Star

Hidden deep in a woodland nestled under a hill
Moonlight gleams across the water as all becomes still
There is a strange song on the wind blowing through to where
Sheltering rushes protect a young goose sleeping there..

Above a million stars glitter as old as time
What deep secrets they hold as they silently align
For every year on this night one star draws near
To claim the chosen one whose destiny is clear

The ancient magic calls to awaken her at last
For she is the light bearer born for a special task
The universe’s sun journey as the equinox draws near to start
The young goose opens her eyes with glowing embers in her heart

Bursting with life on golden wings she soars up high
No longer earthbound she whispers her gentle sweet goodbye
As her wild heart burns gloriously joining her soul to the star
They forever become one light to shine upon us all from afar


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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