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The Gentle Pheasant Keyring


Now you can smile every time you pick up your keys!

Choose your favourite design to jazz up your own set of keys or as a perfect little gift for a friend under a fiver.

Which little character will you take home today?

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The Gentle Pheasant

As night fell the woodland was bathed in shimmering silver moonlight
A young pheasant suddenly croaked out a strangled noise in fright
He had been creeping timidly through undergrowth hardly daring to breath
As a strange haunting sound terrified him echoing through the ancient trees

Scared of the dark he wasn’t very brave of that there was no doubt
In fact, everything seemed to make him jump, his eyes wildly darting about
Screeeech! There it was again like a wailing scream, what creature could this be?
He froze and closed his beady eyes tight shut, maybe it was best not to see

Trembling he felt a gust of wind so strong it almost brought him to his knees
He opened his eyes and there was a giant white owl with eyes black as inky sea
Instead of fleeing the young pheasant found himself oddly feeling still
Those eyes looked deep into him and he felt only their kind goodwill

A friendship was struck between them, a silent gentleman’s pact
The wise owl would bestow on the young pheasant the courage that he lacked
The pheasant would watch over the owl in the day so that he could slumber without fear
And so, no harm came to either of them and their friendship deepened year after year.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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