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The First Snow Bauble Card


These charming Christmas Bauble Cards feature original watercolour designs by Sarah Reilly. Each card has a wooden bauble attached with ribbon that can be detached and hung on your Christmas tree! This decoration can be enjoyed for years to come and they can even frame the card too as a little work of art.

As with all Love Country cards, a heart warming festive story is printed on the reverse, written by the artist, giving them that special something that the recipient will love.

Each card is printed on quality textured board measuring 150mm x 150mm supplied with recycled envelope and cello bag. The bauble is secured with a soft glue dot which is easy to detach and does not mark the card.
Proudly made in England.

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm

The First Snow

A hushed blanket of sparkling white covers the whispering woods
The youngest of the animals are waking up to a surprise today
What wonder awaits them when they emerge from their comfy beds
For something magical blew through the night to come their way

A twitching nose emerges from a hole to explore the crisp morning air
“My goodness what’s this?” He exclaimed at the wonderous sight
Hare scampered past Badger then stopped; all he could do was stare
“It’s beautifully white and crunchy!!” And he jumped with all his might

Robin landed onto a branch above them and some of it fell down
“It’s falling into my ears, ouch its cold!” Laughed little hare
“It tickles my nose a bit”, said Badger looking all around
Stag stuck his tongue out to catch it, “its magic” he declared

“It’s chilly on my feathers” said Robin, “I’m not sure I can fly”
“It makes my whiskers tingle” laughed Fox, who had come to join them as well
They all stood in wonder looking up as it gently fell from the sky
Their first snow had enchanted them all with its wondrous wintery spell.

All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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