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The Christmas Scarf Keyring


Now you can smile every time you pick up your keys!

Choose your favourite design to jazz up your own set of keys or as a perfect little gift for a friend under a fiver.

Which little character will you take home today?

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The Christmas Scarf

A glistening blanket of white snow covers Crabtree Farm
A happy gaggle of geese were nestled quietly in the barn
Gordon the Farmer waves at the feathered ladies as he drives past
Suddenly the old tractor spluttered and backfired with a terrific blast

“Argghhh” cried the geese and madly flew this way and that
Geraldine took the full force and fell into a puddle with a splat
Dazed and confused she lay there looking up at the snow fluttering down
Her eyes were fuzzy and her ears were ringing with a deafening sound

She spent a week in the farmers wife’s kitchen keeping warm by the fire
The shock had terrified Geraldine and left her feeling very tired
The feathers around her neck had fallen out leaving her sore and cold
Each evening Edna took out her knitting balls of wool neatly rolled

Clickity – clack went her knitting needles which soothed Geraldine to sleep
On Christmas morning she felt so much better and leapt to her feet
Hang on! Cried Edna, I have made you a special gift, just wait and see
She pulled out a beautiful woollen red scarf with excitement and glee

As she wrapped it around Geraldine’s neck, she had tears in her eyes
Her very own handmade gift, little Geraldine was speechless in surprise
Edna smiled as she watched the little goose run off with so much pleasure
For Christmas is really about the little things and moments to treasure.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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