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The Bear and the Hare in Winter Magnet


Looking for a small gift? These fridge magnets make charming little presents at only £2.50 each making them a terrific and affordable way to share a mini print of one of Sarah’s watercolours. They are also perfect to send with a Love Country Greeting Card too! Each magnet measures 9.5 x 6.5cm made from strong plastic and comes in a cellophane bag.

The Bear and the Hare

As the first drift of snow begins to fall, the magic of Christmas draws near
The forest glistens and sparkles with everyone in festive cheer
With the ground covered in a frosty blanket of crunchy white snow
Little Hare scampers along leaving pawprints where she goes
As the smell of plum pudding and hot chocolate fills the air
Carefully carrying her gift she makes her way there
Her very dear friend she cannot wait to see
Mr Bear will be singing and trimming his tree
For no other she knows loves this season quite like he
Cracking chestnuts by the fire his face fills with glee!

But Bear is so sad when January finally comes around
Which is why she is excited by the gift she has found
Arriving at last she knocks on his tinsel covered door
“Ho Ho Ho”!! he cries running across the floor
“Merry Christmas little Hare, come in come in”!
I have fruitcake and games and carols for us to sing!
“Wonderful! Dear friend, but first, grant me my wish”
And with that she carefully hands him his very special gift
“Oh My”! says Mr Bear and has to sit down in surprise
Pulling back ribbon and glittery tissue Bear has tears in his eyes
For it’s a Christmas wonderland in a globe to enjoy all year round
Mr Bear is so emotional he just can’t make a sound
He grabs little Hare in the biggest of biggest Bear hugs
For Christmas is really, after all, all about LOVE…xxx


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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