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Sprout Supper Bauble Card


These charming Christmas Bauble Cards feature original watercolour designs by Sarah Reilly. Each card has a wooden bauble attached with ribbon that can be detached and hung on your Christmas tree! This decoration can be enjoyed for years to come and they can even frame the card too as a little work of art.

As with all Love Country cards, a heart warming festive story is printed on the reverse, written by the artist, giving them that special something that the recipient will love.

Each card is printed on quality textured board measuring 150mm x 150mm supplied with recycled envelope and cello bag. The bauble is secured with a soft glue dot which is easy to detach and does not mark the card.
Proudly made in England.

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm

Sprout Supper

Mr Snuffles loved to be in the kitchen where he didn’t miss a thing
From his spot on the windowsill, he watched as Lily started to sing
It was her baking day today which he enjoyed most immensely
As she weighed out all her ingredients, he watched her intensely
Her rolling pin glided up and down over the pastry growing nice and flat
Little puffs of flour billowed in the air dusting this and that
He leaned in close to get a better look wiggling his little pink nose
He sniffed some flour which made him sneeze blowing the flour from his toes
She filled the pastry parcels with juicy currents and spice
Carefully she glazed them and they were into the oven in a trice
From the fridge a bag rustled and Mr Snuffles ears pricked up
She carried a bag of fat round green balls; he couldn’t believe his luck!
It was only September but could it really be his favourite snack?
He started hopping through the flour and slid down her back
He pulled at her apron strings excitedly with his long teeth
She nearly tripped over him as he bounded round her feet
She tipped a good serving of sprouts into a bowl and set it on the floor
Glancing at the golden pastries gently rising through the oven door
Smiling at him happily munching his treat as she put away the butter
Its never too early for sprouts he thought as he settled down to his supper

All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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