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Spring is Hare Cosmetic Case

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You can now enjoy Sarah’s designs on these beautiful canvas cosmetic cases. Each are fully lined with a smooth running silver zip. Easy to wash and make a rather lovely gift. You may find it difficult to choose with these 12 gorgeous watercolour designs to pick from!
Dimensions 21cm x 15cm.

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Spring is Hare

I walk through the meadow with joy in my heart
Baby blue skies above blowing the clouds apart
New life and promise emerging from every new thing
The call of the curlew heralding the arrival of spring
Birds bustle in and out of hedges building their nests
Bluebells burst through in a carpet of blue mist
Lambs and ducklings with speckled blue eggs
Tulips and daffodils with trumpeting heads
Buzzing of bees circling on invisible threads
Blue tits and swallows busy making their beds
Butterflies gently waltzing in the new spring air
A spider gracefully spinning her web as I stare
Bright golden dandelion heads following the sun
Trickling riverbeds now free to flow and run
Fluffy ears of foxgloves and lady’s mantle emerge
Cheerful cherry blossom in delicate petals unfurl
Fields of yellow lesser calendines begin to shine
The glorious splendour of the british countryside
And sitting right there in a patch of fresh blooms
Is the elusive little hare, just enjoying their perfume


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.

3 reviews for Spring is Hare Cosmetic Case

  1. Layla Wingfield

    Definitely one of my favourite designs! Spring is my favourite time of year, everything coming back to life, but especially all the colours and sunshine!

  2. Sarah Addis

    Such a beautiful design so looks good and the perfect size to carry my day to day essentials.

  3. Sarah Addis

    Such a beautiful design , would be proud to use this to carry all my essentials – looks good & a perfect size.

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