Snow Bear and the Magic Book Magnet


Looking for a small gift? These fridge magnets make charming little presents at only £2.50 each making them a terrific and affordable way to share a mini print of one of Sarah’s watercolours. They are also perfect to send with a Love Country Greeting Card too! Each magnet measures 9.5 x 6.5cm made from strong plastic and comes in a cellophane bag.

Snow Bear & The Magic Book

A delightful new design and story by Sarah Reilly, new for Winter 2018.

This magical story will take you off on a winter adventure! The Artist Sarah Reilly had condensed the story for the greeting cards, prints and canvas, so you can enjoy the introduction to these characters..a full story book is due to follow!


Snow Bear and the Magic Book

One blustering winters night, when the trees folded over in a stormy gale

A young hare struggling to make her way, tripped on a tree root and fell forwards into a hole

Down and down she tumbled, into a dusty place of lost and ancient things

She landed with a bump on a large old book covered in moss and twine

Ever so slowly she opened the heavy cover and the pages began to flutter


Millions of tiny glowing stars burst from the book throwing back her long velvet ears

As she blinked her eyes against the brightest of golden lights spinning all around her

She could just make out the shape of a huge Snowbear walking towards her through the swirling light

He appeared like a glittering wish, a sweet dream half remembered

Sparkling frosted light and snowflakes fluttered behind him as he approached


His fur was the crispest white of snowy mountains and streaks of gold shimmed from within his skin

He looked at her with kind chestnut eyes that twinkled with honey gold flecks

“I am the guardian of the book” he softly spoke, “what do you seek little one”?

Shyly she lowered her eyes and shuffled her feet, “I wish for a friend” she whispered


His face broke into a glittering smile, “I have such wonderous sights to show you”

She took his paw which was wonderfully warm and gentle, and they flew into the book

Snowflakes and golden letters spun wildly past them as they tumbled through the pages

Out they burst under a dark velvet starry sky, floating down landing with a soft crunch on the snow

Little Hare gasped as she looked around at the beautiful world she found herself in


There were snow covered mountains and lakes, forests and ice castles in the distance

“Shall we take a ride”? asked Snowbear, scooping her up onto his glittering furry back

“Woohoo!” she cried as he took off from the ground and flew high, he actually flew!

They soared over the gleaming frozen lake and waved at penguins and sealions

As they swished through the tree tops she reached out and felt the tickle of the pine needles on her paw

She felt such warmth in her heart, she was on an adventure and she had her very own Snowbear!


To be continued……full story book coming soon


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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