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Nibbles Bookmark


There is little to rival the joy of a good book… it’s one of life’s little pleasures. Brighten up someone’s day with one of these beautiful bookmark designs. Waterproof and measuring 19cm x 5cm. Why not send with one of the gorgeous Greeting Cards which each have a lovely poem by the Artist on the reverse.

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The doorbell rang loudly through the cottage as the Farmer got up from his armchair
“Hang on! I’m coming” he cried as he stepped out of his front door into the crisp winter air
There waiting on the doormat was Nibbles his donkey impatiently knawing at the bell
“Alright, Il get your breakfast”, he said chuckling, knowing his greedy donkey all too well.
Unfortunately, he found the shed was empty, the donkey’s food hadn’t been delivered
“Il have to go to town for more” said the farmer jumping in his icy truck with a shiver
As the farmer drove off Nibbles looked around not very happy about that
She wandered around the farm determined to find herself a tasty snack
Rosie Robin flew over as Nibbles started chewing at the postbox at the end of gate
“You cant eat that!” tweated Rosie, “the postman needs to put the letters in there!”
Humph muttered Nibbles as she spat out the wood and got a stamp stuck to her lip
She made her way back up the drive so fast Rosie cried “slow down or you’ll slip!”
Nibbles stopped to sniff the old scarecrow and started eating the shirt pockets
“You cant eat that!” Said Rosie “It guards over the vegetables” as she landed on a bucket
“There must be something to eat, I’m starving!” grumbled Nibbles looking around in despair
Rosie flew up high searching the farm as she had a really good view from up there
“Quick over here!” called Rosie landing on a snowman, “I’ve spotted something you can munch”
Nibbles ran over excitedly and without any introduction bit his nose with a delicious crunch!


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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