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New Friends Greeting Card


These luxury cards are printed from original watercolour paintings by Sarah Reilly.
Each design has a lovely story written by the Artist on the reverse of each card, making them extra special.
Scroll down this page to read the poem!
Proudly printed in England, on sustainable quality board.
Card left blank inside for your own message, measuring 14.8 x 14.8cm. Envelope included.

New Friends

Buttercup Farm in the springtime is a truly magical place
Snowdrops emerge through freshly spun cobwebs of sparkling lace
Fluffy feet hop onto the meadow grass which glistens with dew
Bumping into a ball of yellow fuzz, “Oh, hello, who are you?”
The little fluffy fellow looks up into a pair of brown soft eyes
“Are we the same? “He asks, “only I am a bit smaller in size
He puffs out his little chest and lets out a tiny peep
We seem to be different colours; do you also have a beak?
“No, I am a Bunny, see, I can twitch my little pink nose
And I can jump about on my strong legs and fur covered toes”
“I don’t seem to have those”, says the fluffy friend on rather unsteady legs
“I am rather new, I had to make my way out of a cosy warm egg”
“That sounds exciting” says bunny looking into his little beady eyes
“Maybe I can hop too”? but his claw feet won’t let him despite how he tries
“You have such funny long floppy ears on top of your head!”
He rubs his head but there is only a fluffy fuzz of yellow there instead
“I know!” exclaims Bunny, “you’re a chick, look you have a pair of wings!”
The little chick seems delighted and begins flapping the fluffy things
“Nice to meet you Mr Bunny, do you think you could show me around?”
“Of course!” cries Bunny, excitedly thumping his feet on the ground
And so there they go, new life is a miracle every time it has begun
It is an enchanting time of year when Spring has sprung.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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