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Mini Home Fragrance Gift Set


Find your favourite fragrance with our Mini Fragrance Gift Sets.

This “pick your own” gift set allows you to choose which four different fragrances you would like.

Simply add the names of the fragrances in the notes at the checkout so we know which four bottles to include.

Mix and match however you like.

This is a great way to try out the scents before investing in a larger bottle. We have 13 different fragrances to choose from. (See in the description below)

These beautiful Gift Sets come in a stylish soft touch grey box with soft filling and pretty tissue paper making them a wonderful gift.

Each bottle holds approx 30ml of fragrance.

Choose from

Afternoon Tea with Mr Badger

Elegant and cool as a cucumber. Citrus top notes and a twist of juicy bergamot blended with the delicate aroma of finest Earl Grey tea and refreshing cucumber. A sophisticated and timeless classic. Pull up a chair with Mr Badger.

Bee Lovely

A fresh, uplifting and sophisticated fragrance reminiscent of a sun-drenched day by the sea with invigorating coastal sea breeze carrying delicate sea salt and driftwood with hints of fresh herbs. The scent then deepens into a warm sun kissed aroma of soft amber and bergamot with delicate floral hints. An overall fresh, warm and comforting scent to truly welcome you home. One to fall in love with.


Warm and fluffy just like a Bumblebee. The captivating soft radiance of this sweet perfume evokes a peaceful and calming mood. With comforting honey, orange blossom, subtle florals and exotic tonka bean this is a relaxing scent. Welcoming you home with a big bumblebee hug.

Curious Hare

A clean and fresh coastal fragrance blending wonderful aromas with hints of citrus fruits and fresh sage in the long grasses by the coastline. Breathe in the energy.


Worthy of a Goddess, this alluring scent opens with a burst of citrus giving way to a delicious smoky earl grey tea and exotic rose and orris. Intoxicatingly warm, this is a carnival of forbidden fruits, spiced ginger, cardamom and sweet amber evoking an exotic East Indian adventure. Sensual and warm and incredibly feminine. Find your inner Goddess.

Hares my Heart

Close your eyes and imagine a desert island. Turquoise waters with the warm sun on your face and a tropical trade wind carrying fresh orange and bergamot mixed with exotic juicy coconut and green jasmine. Creamy almond and vanilla notes finish this invigorating, subtle and very feminine fragrance that is incredibly comforting. A fragrance that is all heart.

Heavenly Gingerlily

A beautifully alluring feminine scent. Delicate yet sensuous florals of tuberose, jasmine and lily are balanced with essential oils of citrus deepening into a warm welcoming woody heart of ginger, cedar and sandalwood with gentle spices to whisk you away.


Entice your senses with this fresh and revitalising feminine fragrance with top notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin and spicy pink pepper leading into a heart of vibrant ginger, fresh florals and rich patchouli woods. Wrap yourself in Honeybunny heaven.


As stars appear the deep seductive aroma of magic fills the evening air. A unique blend with notes of rhum vanilla, sweet musk and amber release as the fragrance deepens into an exotic smoky patchouli. An inviting and very sensual fragrance with a sprinkle of mystery and moondust. Stargazing with the hares.

Rosie Robin

A happy and uplifting blend of citrus and green vines straight from the greenhouse. A perfect summer day surrounded by gentle florals and fresh herbs floating on the warm breeze. Fall asleep in this magical secret garden surrounded by roses and sweet peas.

Tuscany Escape

Imagine yourself in a secret Tuscan Garden with ancient twisted vines and sun-drenched citrus fruits. Clean and fresh sea breezes carry olive, thyme and delicate garden herbs and flowers. This complex scent expertly blends 12 essential oils to give incredible depth releasing slowly in layers for a fresh and delicate escape to the warm Mediterranean sunshine.


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