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Luxury Aroma Melt Gift Set with White Moroccan Style Burner


This set comprises of our elegant white ceramic burner with delicate cut out design and a choice of 3 wax melt fragrances plus two Tea Lights and full instructions. Packed with Eco friendly filling and pretty tissue paper and official Love Country label. The outer box is then tied in a bow with our signature ribbon for the perfect finish.

Please enter your choice of three fragrances in the notes section on the checkout page.

For a list and description of the fragrances please scroll down the page.

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Bee Lovely

A fresh, uplifting and sophisticated fragrance reminiscent of a sun-drenched day by the sea with invigorating coastal sea breeze carrying delicate sea salt and driftwood with hints of fresh herbs. The scent then deepens into a warm sun kissed aroma of soft amber and bergamot with delicate floral hints. An overall fresh, warm and comforting scent to truly welcome you home. One to fall in love with.

Berries & Snowflakes

A light and sparkling fragrance of wild berries with a delicate blend of orange and warm gentle spices. A very feminine fragrance that evokes the magic of winter in a sophisticated and uplifting scent that you will want to enjoy all year round. Gives your home a hug.


Warm and fluffy just like a Bumblebee. The captivating soft radiance of this sweet perfume evokes a peaceful and calming mood. With comforting honey, orange blossom, subtle florals and exotic tonka bean this is a relaxing scent. Welcoming you home with a big bumblebee hug

Christmas Magic

A very jolly and lively fragrance of hot mulled pear and cranberries with a fresh dash of lime. This warm and fruity scent flourishes with a sensuous base of musk, amber and subtle hints of vanilla. Cosy up and watch for the reindeer.

Curious Hare

A clean and fresh coastal fragrance blending wonderful aromas with hints of citrus fruits and fresh sage in the long grasses by the coastline. Evoking the atmosphere of a storm rolling in and stirring the senses. Breathe in the energy.

Hares my Heart

Close your eyes and imagine a desert island. Turquoise waters with the warm sun on your face and a tropical trade wind carrying fresh orange and bergamot mixed with exotic juicy coconut and green jasmine. Creamy almond and vanilla notes finish this invigorating, subtle and very feminine fragrance that is incredibly comforting. A fragrance that is all heart.


As stars appear the magical aromas of wild grasses and woodland berries fill the evening air. A heavenly blend with notes of cedarwood, tonka and bergamot that release as the fragrance deepens. An inviting autumnal fragrance with mystery and a sprinkle of moondust. Stargazing with the hares.

Mr Prickles Christmas Party

A beautifully classic Christmas fragrance with deep rich tones of spicy cloves and cinnamon. Notes of sparkling festive orange is perfectly balanced to make this the ultimate welcome home for Christmas scent. Snuggle up by the fire.

Reindeer Kisses

A feel good and uplifting winter fragrance with a zesty fusion of citrus, orange and lemon while the heart of jasmine and fresh woods is embraced by the warmth of delicate Christmas spices. As light and tender as a reindeer kiss.

Rosie Robin

A happy and uplifting blend of citrus and green vines straight from the greenhouse. A perfect summer day surrounded by gentle florals and fresh herbs floating on the warm breeze. Fall asleep in this magical secret garden surrounded by roses and sweet peas.



Please follow the instructions below, to get the most out of the burner and your luxury wax melts.
* Place one cube of melt on the top of the burner, never overfill your tray with wax.
* Ensure your burner is on a flat, even surface and away from flammable materials.
* Never add water. Just use the wax melt
* Light a tea light candle underneath which will slowly melt your wax and release the scent.
For best results burn for 15 to 20 minutes then blow out candle.
Wax will then solidify ready for the next time you want to relight your candle.
Use the same wax melt over and over until the perfume has evaporated then allow to cool, remove and add a fresh melt.
Burning one melt for extended time will burn off all your fragrance quicker.




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