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Light The Way Bookmark


There is little to rival the joy of a good book… it’s one of life’s little pleasures. Brighten up someone’s day with one of these beautiful bookmark designs. Waterproof and measuring 19cm x 5cm. Why not send with one of the gorgeous Greeting Cards which each have a lovely poem by the Artist on the reverse.

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Light The Way

The cold wind whistled deep in the darkness of an ancient woodland
As a frightened young badger found himself quite lost one wintery night
The wild forest was coming alive with strange noises and fierce rustling
The little badger stumbled along trying to remain calm with all of his might

He had never wandered off on his own before and now felt very alone
As his fur caught on brambles, he clung to a small lantern which offered a warm glow
Scampering and rusting noises seemed to surround him making his heart thump
He tripped over tree limbs and undergrowth not knowing which way to go

He came upon a small clearing and looking up to the tall trees and dark skies above
Badger sat down on a clump of moss and wept “I just can’t see my way through”
“Hello there, young Badger” called a greeting from a little Robin on a branch nearby
“Don’t worry I will help you” Robin said with a cheery tweet “I know just what to do”

The friendly bird flapped his wings until the lantern blew out, “now look up” he sang
Badger panicked at the sudden blackness then blinked his little eyes looking up to the trees
Slowly the forest changed and was covered in a moonlit glow as the twinkling stars appeared
“Your night vision is strong and the forest will help you” it was true for he could now truly see

Badger thanked him as he noticed other friendly creatures smiling at him from the shadows
No longer afraid Badger marvelled at the beauty of the glimmering fireflies and moonbeams
As a little mouse waved at him his heart filled with joy realising, he was never truly alone
Robin smiled “now follow your feet and the moon and stars will light the way home”.



All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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