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Jess and Bee Magnet


Looking for a small gift? These fridge magnets make charming little presents at only £2.50 each making them a terrific and affordable way to share a mini print of one of Sarah’s watercolours. They are also perfect to send with a Love Country Greeting Card too! Each magnet measures 9.5 x 6.5cm made from strong plastic and comes in a cellophane bag.

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Jess & Bee

Farmer Toby pulled into Green Acre Farm with his shiny new tractor he’d collected from town
Stretching his back he jumped out and went in for his coffee leaving the engine to cool down
As the door opened a large fluffy bumblebee came bursting through relieved to be out of there
Free at last from the stuffy heat he was so pleased to get out into the fresh morning air

The accidental traveller realised he was far from home and somewhere completely new
The city noise and bustle had been replaced by quiet fields of flowers and rich green hues
Feeling a presence, Bee looked down to see a lopsided panting grin and a mop of brown hair
Such a happy face with a madly wagging tail the young dog seemed delighted to welcome Bee there

“Welcome to the country! I’m Jess, “laughed the excited dog, “Let me show you around the farm”
Buzzing happily alongside him Bee instantly liked the dog’s easy and friendly charm
First, they went around the back of the farmhouse where Jess led Bee to a rickety old wooden shed
“This is where the chickens sleep, my job is to guard them while they sleep in their comfy straw beds”

I’m quicker than the foxes! She barked full of energy running to the fields, Bee spread his wings to take chase
“Here are all the sheep and cattle, I move them around the fields and keep them calm and safe”
“There’s always lots to do” she said with pride, “I watch over the animals and the farm both night and day”
The Farmer works very hard but he always makes time to let me fetch a ball and play”

The farmer walked past and patted Jess’s head, saying “Good girl, I’ve got a bone for you to chew”
Beaming with happiness she asked “So will you stay Bee? We could have so much fun me and you”
Laughing at his new friends’ infectious energy Bee looked around him and happily just knew
Resting on a cornflower he smiled, “I think this simple country life suits me, Jess, yes I really do.”


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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