Heart of the Woodland Glass Worktop Protector

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A lovely new addition to the Love Country Artwork Range is our beautiful textured glass worktop savers.

Now you can protect your kitchen worktops in style! Available in a selection of Sarah’s most popular watercolour artwork designs.

Suitable for chopping etc these tough worktop savers are also easy to clean in hot soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.

Proud to be made in the UK.

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

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Heart of the Woodland

Deep in an ancient wood, old as can be, through hidden paths and trickling streams

There stands the sacred Willow tree upon which the autumnal sun gleams

Here the trees know your name, If you listen closely the wind it whispers

Of woodland magic and fairy folk, for these trees are the secret keepers


And it is here in the enchanted roots that the badger, fox and the hare

Have made their winter hideaway padded with bark, moss and leaves

Nestled together so peacefully in this cosy home that they share

Old Willow sheltering them through their slumber and sweet dreams


With winter approaching Robin pays a visit as the snow gently falls

He finds a warm snuggly bundle of whiskers, fluffy tails and velvet ears

Sounds of their laughter and telling tales whilst overhead the barn owl calls

Old Willow rustles and sighs contentedly, at the peace and the love, and all he holds dear


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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