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Girls of a Feather Keyring


Now you can smile every time you pick up your keys!

Choose your favourite design to jazz up your own set of keys or as a perfect little gift for a friend under a fiver.

Which little character will you take home today?


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Girls of a Feather

In a box laid with straw Clara swayed this way and that feeling blessed at her good luck
Clattering along the bumpy country lanes in the back of the farmers old truck
She was on her way to Buttercup Farm free at last from the noisy battery pens
Fields of lush green to roam free there is no nicer place to live if you are a hen
As the days passed, she was welcomed into the coop although Clara felt a bit shy
The country was very quiet and she struggled to sleep no matter how hard she tried
After many restless nights looking at the moon Clara’s problem became clear
Poor Clara hadn’t laid a single egg and her heart became gripped in fear
The farmer had taken notice and each day shook his head at her in dismay
The other girls awkwardly looked at each other a bit unsure what to say
Each morning she was so exhausted and no egg would come out
The other girls clucked and laid wondering what the fuss was all about
Clara was so worried she rolled the other eggs into a bush hoping that nobody saw
She found an old straw hat and hid some eggs under there by the barn door
She didn’t want to get the other girls in trouble but what else could she do?
If she was the only one not laying the farmer might end up putting her in a stew
Then a terrible storm blew in hammering rain and lightning flashing angrily across the sky
Thunder boomed so loudly the chickens started to panic thinking they would surely die
Suddenly a loud crack brought a tree crashing down into the coop blocking the door
Chickens flew everywhere covered in mud unable to see panicking them even more
Instinctively Clara pecked at the wire creating a hole and calmed all the hens down
This way! she cried herding them all together and one by one guiding them around
She led them safely to the barn where they huddled in the straw pile shaken from their ordeal
Thanking her they stuck together through the night with love and warmth Clara could truly feel
Exhausted and content she finally drifted off to sleep nodding her little head
As rays of sunlight woke her, she looked down in surprise at a perfect brown speckled egg
She finally had laid her treasure, such a beautiful sight the very thing for which she had longed
All she needed was a storm, a good night’s sleep and a feeling that she belonged.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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