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Garden Friends Keyring


Now you can smile every time you pick up your keys!

Choose your favourite design to jazz up your own set of keys or as a perfect little gift for a friend under a fiver.

Which little character will you take home today?


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Garden Friends

As the first rays of sunshine peek through the apple blossom tree
Penelope Prickles yawns as she rests by the old timber shed waiting patiently
Each morning she meets her best friend Rosie and they have a little natter
About all the little garden creatures and anything that may be the matter

With a sudden dart of quick wings and flash of red Rosie Robin has arrived
“Good Morning Rosie” says Penny, smiling and rubbing her tired little brown eyes
“Hello my dear” says Rosie, hopping about with energy from her morning flight
“Is there any news to report from your adventures exploring last night?”

“A fairly quiet night” she says wiggling her nose “although I do have to say
Mr Toad is still complaining about the pigeons and getting grouchier by the day”
“I’ll have a word with him” laughs Rosie “oh what’s that on your prickles”
“I almost forgot! I collected you some dog fluff for your nest” Penny says with a soft giggle

“Well I best be off to check Mr Prickles hasn’t gone and wandered off again,
It was only last week he got lost and we found him fast asleep in a drain”
“See you tomorrow Penny” laughed Rosie as her friend sleepily heads for her bed
Excitedly she flew off her flowerpot to see what was in store for the new day ahead.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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