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Donkey’s Wish Keyring


Now you can smile every time you pick up your keys!

Choose your favourite design to jazz up your own set of keys or as a perfect little gift for a friend under a fiver.

Which little character will you take home today?

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Donkey’s Wish

Dylan was a shy and quiet little donkey, a bit different from the rest
His heart, however, was so enormously big that it filled out his fluffy chest
The farmer worried that he would be unable to safely do his daily chores
So, while the others did all the heavy work Dylan had to stay indoors
As Christmas Eve crept near it began to snow and poor Dylan’s sadness grew deep
Wishing he could just be useful in some way, he softly cried himself to sleep
But at this magical time of year things can happen and his wish was secretly heard
A messenger was sent from the North Pole in the form of a special little bird
Sweet beautiful bird song gently woke Dylan up the very next day
A little robin redbreast was sat staring at him in a bed of glistening golden hay
“I can help you” said the bird, “but from here you must now leave”
Dylan’s heart was brave and true, so he joyfully decided to believe
Robin led him through an overgrown hedgerow path guarded by a fox,
Dylan’s heart thumped as there stood a very old and faded red postal box
It was glittering strangely, tucked behind a wall of Ivy hidden from view
It was certainly magical and could only be found by those who truly knew
“Now remember your special wish” said Robin and Dylon closed his eyes
With a woosh a letter appeared in his mouth much to his surprise
“Post it through here” smiled the Robin “and your wish shall be granted “
As the letter dropped it glowed from inside for it was truly enchanted
When Christmas Eve arrived, the donkeys were worried Dylon was nowhere to be seen
Suddenly a distant tinkling of bells drew them to run out and look up to the night sky
Gasping they saw their beloved Dylon flying up high with the reindeer with a smile that beamed
His wish had come true, he was now the happiest of donkeys and bursting with pride
So never give up on your dreams, whatever they are, for you really never know
Someone just might be listening, someone to whom all your secret wishes go.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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