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Dashing Jumpers Paw Prints Greeting Card


Celebrating our love of dogs and cats, this new collection features the first of a growing collection of fur babies. Each card features a charming animal story printed on the reverse written by the artist. Each card is left blank inside for your own message and measures 150 x 150mm. Provided with a recycled envelope.

Dashing Jumpers

Denzel was a bit grumpy about Christmas but his Human loved it dearly
She always knitted him a smart winter jumper; a tradition done yearly
This year she caught a terrible cold and was forced to her bed before it was complete
Most upset she cried Christmas Eve until exhaustion took her finally to sleep
Resting by the fire Denzel reluctantly stretched his front legs and then the back
He heaved himself out of his comfy bed as his joints moaned and cracked
This called for reinforcements and he knew just who to see
He snuck out the back door and trotted round to number 3
He pawed at the window and up onto the windowsill jumped a large ginger cat
Molly opened the window and Denzel squeezed through so they could chat
He explained the situation and she quickly hatched a clever plan
Denzel followed her into the garage where she led him under a dusty van
There in an old carpet bag lived a huge family of little brown mice
Molly was too old for chasing things so they all loved her for being so nice
They were all too happy to help and, in a trice, they gathered wool and threads
they spread out different coloured wool and threaded onto the needle heads
As Denzel laid down, they worked so fast, clink- clink as they weaved in and out
The mice sang sweetly as a row of delicately stitched woolly snowmen appeared
When it was finished, they gathered up the wool with claps and cheers
Thanking them, Denzel went home yawning as he settled back by the fire
Next morning, he jumped on the bed showing off his rather splendid attire
Such shrieks of pleasure at this Christmas surprise filled his little heart full of joy
He was rewarded with a bowl full of plump juicy turkey for being such a thoughtful boy


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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