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Christmas Day Snooze Paw Prints Greeting Card


Celebrating our love of dogs and cats, this new collection features the first of a growing collection of fur babies. Each card features a charming animal story printed on the reverse written by the artist. Each card is left blank inside for your own message and measures 150 x 150mm. Provided with a recycled envelope.

Christmas Day Snooze

The Christmas tree had sparkled with a hundred little lights
The table had been laid with such festive culinary delights
The turkey had been carved and smothered in gravy
Glasses had been raised and well-wishers made merry
The presents had been opened and crackers gone with a bang
Piano keys played joyfully with carols they had sang
The dogs had been walked after much persuasion to move
A crisp winter walk always improved everyone’s mood
Crunching through the snow as snowflakes fell all around
The dogs barking happily with the sticks they had found
Back inside the fire was lit and everyone collapsed into a chair
For this was the best time of the whole season to be fair
The television was tuned to an old movie as was the tradition
Coloured paper hats still on their heads in various positions
Content with bellies full of food and a fair amount of booze
It was time to lay back and enjoy the Christmas Day snooze


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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