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Christmas Crackers Paw Prints Greeting Card


Celebrating our love of dogs and cats, this new collection features the first of a growing collection of fur babies. Each card features a charming animal story printed on the reverse written by the artist. Each card is left blank inside for your own message and measures 150 x 150mm. Provided with a recycled envelope.

Christmas Crackers

The ancient radio crackles with a voice reading the evening news
Alfie looks up as his master, sat in his worn armchair having a snooze
So many Christmases they have spent together, an old trusty pair
Never leaving each other’s side, so many memories they now share
The Radio Times slides off his lap silently crumpled in a heap
The visitors have all gone home not much to do now but sleep
Piles of new socks and ginger biscuits have been gratefully received
Alfie had some chews and a new toy thrown and retrieved
The grandchildren played games and enjoyed bright jelly sweets
From the old jar grandpa keeps on the shelf filled with their treats
Alfie stretched in his bed and gently nudged the mans’ slipper
He was too old to tear it apart like he used to as a young nipper
The man woke and stared at him with a knowing smile on his face
“You want to play old boy?” He asked, looking around for something to throw
Alife picked up a cracker and held one end gently with a bow
The man chuckled and agreed, you are never too old to pull a Christmas cracker
It’s the way it makes you feel young again at Christmas, that truly matters
So, treasure the time you have with your family and your friends
Make special memories with all your loved ones and make those amends.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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