Bunny Ballerina Greetings Card


All Greeting Cards are blank inside for your own message, measuring 14.8 x 14.8cm on Quality card with a white envelope “I truly hope you are inspired and love my greeting cards, I chose my favourite designs and wrote a unique poem for each one which is printed on the reverse making them an extra special card which I know many customers love to keep and frame. I also painted a little extra image for the reverse also. The cards are blank inside for your own message. I am very thankful for the overwhelming response from customers and I look forward to bringing you new designs and poem stories for you to enjoy and brighten your day!” Love Sarah xx

Bunny Ballerina

Perfect for little girls rooms – here is a new addition to the watercolour artwork range by Sarah Reilly.

This is Bunny Ballerina, who dreams of being a dancer and it magically turned into one! Read her storypoem, also written by the Artist, which accompanies the design below.


Bunny Ballerina

Little Bunny was always a bit too shy

She liked to stay quietly off to one side

Yet inside she longed to be triumphant and brave

And above all else wished to dance on a stage

She secretly practiced with a small group of friends

A gathering of beetles, blackbirds and wrens

Friendly woodland folk who knew of her dreams

They gently encouraged her as she leapt in sunbeams


Standing on a mossy tree stump in a cool and quiet glade

She held a hazel twig above her head, twirling in the shade

When suddenly the twig began to sparkle and glow

With colourful sparks flying out like a firework show

With a gasp she looked down at her little pink toes

Where a pair of beautiful ballerina shoes began to grow

They ribboned their way around her ankles and tied in a bow

As three little field mice appeared and stood neatly in a row


They hopped onto her tummy and scampered about

Magically weaving threads darting this way and that

“Oh my goodness, that really does tickle!”

cried little Bunny in a laughing fit of the giggles

As rainbow colours filled the air amidst all the fun

Oh what a wonderful princess dress they had spun

Of the most delicate petals in hues of pinks and plums

Finally she was a real ballerina dancing proudly in the sun


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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