Blissful Badger Framed Print (Landscape)


These gorgeous vintage frames are a neutral soft grey wood effect which compliment Sarah’s artwork prints beautifully.
Frame includes the print of your choice and a copy of the poem.
There are three frame sizes to choose from:
Small: 23cm x 18cm (inside aperture 15.5cm x 10.5cm)
Medium: 28cm x 33cm (inside aperture 14.5cm x 19.5cm)
Square: 28cm x 28cm (inside aperture 14.5cm x 14.5cm) – Not all designs are available
Proudly made in the UK

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“The gentle wind whispers through the ancient wood…” follow the rest of Mr Badgers poem with this delightful new painting from the Whispering Wood Collection. Three beautiful designs to collect.

The poem below, written by the artist is included with each Medium & Large Mounted Print and is printed on the reverse of the greeting card, making it an extra lovely gift.


Blissful Badger

The gentle wind whispers through the ancient wood, flower heads nod in the gathering breeze

The air is delicate with butterflies waltzing in the warming air and the hum of bees

Snuffling along through the damp mossy earth, the Badger’s nose twitches to smell

The first scent of spring in the bluebells as he falls under their sweet spell

His strong digging paws searching for some juicy earthworms and the like

To see this unmistakeable fluffy black and white face is a sheer delight

Through the rustle of the trees above I hear the tawny owl circling in flight

Everywhere that I look this ancient woodland shows me a wondrous sight



All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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