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This watercolour design is available in three sizes on a lightweight wall canvas.

Large canvas size 560mm x 810mm (56cm x 81cm) £60.00
Medium canvas size 410mm x 300mm (41cm x 30cm) £28.00
Mini canvas size 150mm x 210mm (15cm x 21cm) £12.99

Your canvas is made to order so please allow up to 14 days for delivery. If you need something in a hurry please email before ordering to check stock

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Best Friends

Little Hare was out collecting healing herbs and flowers from her ancient woodland home. A blackbird sang to her as it flew off from a branch of elderberry into the forget-me-not blue sky.
Early sunshine happily streamed through the oak tree as its old wise limbs creaked and leaves rustled. The air was warm and full of soft humming from the bees and whispering breeze.
As she daintily made her way on her soft paws the earth was deliciously rich and full of new wildflowers emerging from beneath. She tried not to disturb the bluebells as she bent down to pick up three acorns which she carefully placed in her satchel, for they carried the spirit of the Oak Tree.
Suddenly she heard a muffled cry, and, looking around, spotted a bright young Fox sitting holding his foot in pain. He had a gloriously bushy tail and twinkly amber eyes. With a quick hop and a leap she was by his side, “my dear little Fox what have you done?” she asked. “I caught it in the Bramble Bush” said the Fox regretfully. “I was collecting juicy blackberries and tore it on a thorn”.
“Let me help you”, said Hare kindly, and gently took his fluffy foot which had a nasty cut, “I have a remedy for that”. She rummaged in her satchel and pulled out a little jar of honey, sugar and a little wooden spoon with a silver bell on the end and swiftly mixed up a paste.
Hare looked about, then skipped across the tree roots to a clump of wild foxgloves. Carefully she picked a few of the bell-shaped flowers and leaves. She brought them back to Fox and crumpled the leaves into the paste which she then spread onto his wounded foot with the little spoon. “Foxgloves are plants of the fairies”, she explained, “they will heal you with their magic, but best not to lick your foot” she warned, “they are quite potent”.
The little Fox signed in relief but still looked sad, so Hare took the last few flowers and popped each one on the end of his paws and said “look! Now you have Fox Gloves ha ha!”
The Fox laughed and laughed feeling much better. Would you like to come to tea? He asked. “ I am making a delicious Blackberry crumble. “I would be delighted “ said Hare, and taking his arm they made their way through the woods. They spent that afternoon baking crumble and drinking sweet mint tea. And from that day on, the Fox and the Hare became the very best of friends.


All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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