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The Bear and The Hare in Spring Bookmark


There is little to rival the joy of a good book… it’s one of life’s little pleasures. Brighten up someone’s day with one of these beautiful bookmark designs. Waterproof and measuring 19cm x 5cm. Why not send with one of the gorgeous Greeting Cards which each have a lovely poem by the Artist on the reverse.

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Following from the success of The Bear and the Hare Winter, and accompanying poem, I decided to continue the story of these delightful friends and create a series for them.
You can now follow the Bear and the Hare through the seasons, collecting each painting and each having its own poem. Spring is a story of their friendship. Summer and Autumn adventures will then lead you through to Winter and their Christmas story.
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The poem below, written by the artist is included with each Medium & Large Mounted Print and is printed on the reverse of the greeting card, making it an extra lovely gift.


Bear and the Hare in Spring

Friendship is a gift, one of life’s many pleasures, some are instant and others unfold

Bear and Hare are the very best of friends, a special loving bond it is they hold

Bear is big and gentle with tender golden eyes, steady and slow on his huge brown paws

Hare is tiny with speed and grace, a leaping ball of energy on all fours

Sharing kindness and laughter as different as they are, a balance is struck

Making memories and having lots of fun , finding each other was the best kind of luck

In the warm spring air everything is turning green, poppy heads swaying in the warm spring breeze

Bear sighs contentedly for he cherishes the simple pleasures on days such as these



All artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country by Sarah Reilly. All rights reserved.


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